Adrenaline Rush

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"Fasten your seat belts--Adrenaline Rush is a wild ride! Jaw-clenching races, heart-pounding romance, and page-turning tension make for one addictive read." Linda Grimes author of the Ciel Halligan (light) urban fantasy series from Tor.

"A sexy smart adrenaline rush from start to finish. I loved this book. Sara Walker is an author to watch!" Eve Silver national best-selling and award-winning author of The Game trilogy from Katherine Tegen Books. 


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For years Shelby Carleton dreamed of leaving behind the painful memories of her hometown life, where the Carleton name had become synonymous with street racing. Now at twenty-two, she's finally free of her hometown trappings. She's attending a specialized driving school that trains police officers in the art of high speed chases-- up-trading her illegal hobby for a legit career. And she has this hot boyfriend also attending the school-- Bishop is a play-it-safe, upstanding kind of guy-- perfect for the kind of life Shelby wants. As an added bonus, Bishop and everyone at the school remain unaware of her non-conforming past. 

Fast cars, hot guys-- what more could a girl ask for? It's a perfect life until one phone call from her brother changes everything. 

When Shelby left town, her brother Travis had it all-- the family house, the family business and the reputation of the Carleton name. But when she returns home, she discovers everything has gone to hell-- the house and business have been mortgaged to the max and Travis is in deep with the wrong kind of people. He has ten days to come up with $50,000. He's freaking out; his life is on the line. 

Shelby agrees to stay for a few days to help Travis but soon finds herself slipping into her old life too easily: rebuilding the family garage, fighting with her brothers, flirting with her old flame, Logan-- the boyfriend from two years ago who skipped town without saying goodbye. He's back and just as gorgeous as ever; it's like he never left, and he wants to help. That's a problem for Shelby who's used to doing everything on her own. 

Shelby finds herself torn between obeying the law she's sworn to uphold and saving her family the only way she knows how: street racing. She's torn between doing as Bishop wants-- leaving her brother to fix his own mess and return to school-- and staying to help because that's what family does. But staying means accepting Logan's help, and Logan's help comes with a price: dinner. After having her heart broken once before, Shelby's afraid Logan's price is too high. Or it might be the best adrenaline rush of all. 



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