Hunting A Demon

Book 2

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A spell-turner sickness, vengeance-seeking dwarves, and a demon on the loose. Just another day for Melantha Caldwell, spell-turner. 

Now that she has spell-turning powers running through her veins, all Melantha Caldwell has to do is learn some spells. But there's no one around to teach her. A mysterious illness is putting spell-turners everywhere to sleep. Oh, and there's a pack of vengeance-filled dwarves out to get her. And if that wasn't enough, a demon possesses one of Melantha's classmates. 

She may not be able to turn any spells yet, but Melantha will do whatever it takes to save the spell-turners and get rid of the demon before it destroys her classmate and all of humankind. 

Featuring a kick-ass heroine, spell-binding magic, and dark fantasy with a twist of humor, fans of Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, or the Darkest Powers series will love Sara C. Walker's urban fantasy series! 

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