Catching A Sorcerer

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After a sorcerer killed her mother, Melantha learns she's a spell-turner and goes after the sorcerer.

CATCHING A SORCERER, book one of the Melantha Caldwell, Spell-Turner trilogy)

Just weeks after a sorcerer killed her mother, fifteen year old Melantha is asked to help catch the killer. She wants nothing to do with it, but then she learns one of her classmates is the son of the sorcerer. Out of curiosity and worry for him, Mel agrees. With her spell-turner powers not yet developed the mission will be dangerous, but it will be downright deadly if the sorcerer figures out who she is and decides she will follow in her mother's footsteps.

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  • Great read! I think the author really captured the age of the MC. The cricket was my favorite!

  • The story is engaging from the beginning and holds your interest throughout. Sara Walker is good at describing people, creatures, and places. I could picture myself right there with Melantha.

  • OMG! I was hooked from the beginning! I absolutely LOVE this book! It pulled me through and I didn't want to put it down. I don't know if Sara Walker put a spell on the book or not, but I am definitely an instant fan. The character interactions are unbelievably realistic. In fact, the beginning sounded almost exactly like people I actually know!

  • I don't know what I was expecting when I started reading Catching a Sorcerer but I definitely got more than I thought I would. I am not much of a witch/sorcerer/wizard fan (my boyfriend reads more than enough for the both of us) however, I loved this story.

  • What an exciting thrilling book! I loved this story and hope to read more from Sara Walker.

  • Catching a Sorcerer is a fast paced magical novel. I was hooked from the first sentence to the last. I have loved sorcery since Harry Potter and this book was a breath of fresh magical air.

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  • - "This was a great book with an interesting cast of characters. I enjoyed the world and the way magic worked and I think the author really nailed the voice of a teenage MC."

  • - "This was a good book. I didn't give it 5 stars because I frequently felt like I was missing a part of the story, and had to flip back to make sure I hadn't skipped something important. Overall, it was solid work. The editting was excellent, which is rare for the low cost/free self published books. The pacing was excellent, and I didn't want to stop reading it. If the flow between scenes, the descriptions of the various minor characters, and the explanation of magic had been handled a bit better, I would love to give it a 5. I would read another book by this author. The main character was interesting, imperfect, and grew as the story progressed. The minor characters all had their own stories and personalities, and the dialog felt honest and unstilted. I did stumble a bit over a few words that were very much from the Canadian English and not the American English, but it added some charm and a sense of place. I would recommend this book to my friends who enjoy coming of age urban fantasy books."

  • - "i loved this book. the story is solid and the kids were true to life. i would like to read more of this series.good job."

  • - "great and an lovely ending"

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  • Solid writing and strong world building. Pacing was a little slow towards the second half of book. Overall, I recommend this book and look forward to more from this writer.

  • Please write more authorThis book was amazing it didnt focus on romance too much and had adventure in it

  • Quite a different book and I enjoyed itInteresting spins and enjoyable

  • Really good bookWell balanced in plot and not too dramatic, touch of humor. Very satisfying, great writing, i loved the characters. Would recommend for fantasy lovers.

  • good book .well written looking forward more lol

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