Winter Blossom

I've had enough of winter. Driving to work in freezing rain this week has done me in. That's it. I want spring. 

To cheer myself up, I made blossom tea. I have hyacinth bulbs sprouting in the living room, but they're just tiny yet. I needed more. 

These are hand-packed balls of flowers and green tea leaves that unfurl in hot water. This one opens with spikes of green tea leaves, and for a big finish, a chain of three scarlet blossoms pop up. 

The tea can taste quite strong if left to steep too long or if the water is too hot. I've made that mistake before. So this time, I prepared it in a single cup, and used water that hadn't quite reached boil, and it worked. The green tea was more subtly flavoured. I'm not a fan of jasmine, though, and unfortunately there was some of that in this blossom. 

But I do love to watch it grow. And it smells wonderful. 

I kind of like having tea outside the bag. There's an added ritual to the preparation, a period of waiting with anticipation, and no soggy bag to spoil the flavour. 

I think I'm going to do this again tomorrow.