Oh, David Tennant, how I have missed you as The Doctor.

Oh, David Tennant, how I have missed you as The Doctor.

I have to confess I've not watched much Doctor Who at all with Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. Actually, I haven't watched anything after Neil Gaiman's episode. [Aside: I didn't enjoy the Neil Gaiman episode as much as I'd hoped, which was not because I set myself up with unrealistic expectations, but rather because I think some things should remain a mystery. Not everything has to be explained. Not every story has to be told. And this episode told too much.]*

My problem is only partly to do with Matt Smith not being David Tennant. I don't like Amy. (I didn't like Rose until the end. Loved Martha. Didn't like Donna until the end.) I didn't like Christopher Eccleston, but I enjoyed many of his episodes, whereas I'm having a hard time enjoying Matt Smith.

I suspect my real problem is the absence of Russell T Davies. The scripts have been lacking since his departure. Which is kind of odd because I really enjoyed "Blink", and with Steven Moffat now at the helm, I'd thought I would still enjoy the show. Not that I love every show Russell T Davies created. I only watched a few episodes of Torchwood and none of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

With television being a collaborative art, I think the synergy of all involved is the key. A large part of my like/dislike for a show resides in the acting. I want believable emotion with subtext. And David Tennant emotes like a supernova with complicating subtext. Brilliant.

Best doctor ever.

*An aside to the aside: Likewise the Matt Smith episodes of the weeping angels. I wish they'd left the angels alone.

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