I was watching a TV discussion about psychopaths yesterday. I thought it would give me some insight to my antagonists. There is a wide spectrum of psychopaths, from the petty theif to the con artist to the serial killer, and now I'm wondering if writers fit in there somewhere. We take joy in torturing characters, and we feel no remorse in doing it-- it's all just part of the story. We are often reclusive, and work independently, keeping our stories private, but pass ourselves off as warm, friendly and "normal" when around others. Hmmm... Could we be just a little bit psychopathic? Or does that fact that good triumphs over evil in our endings balance us out? What if the ending isn't good? What if evil wins? What does that say about us then? Writers as psychopaths... well, why not? After all, famous writers have suffered from depression and schizophrenia. Many more have been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. As long as the psychopathic tendancies stay on the page, no harm done, right?