Owls! I got to see real, live owls!

My great-grandmother had owls in her kitchen. She always said owls in the kitchen were good luck. Hers were not real, live owls, though. I have an owl trivet that belonged to her. I remember it used to hang on her wall. Now it hangs on mine. Boobook

I've always loved owls, and it probably has to do with my great-grandmother. And Brownies. The Brownie program's owls helped feed my owl love, as did Harry Potter. Hedwig will always have a special place in my heart.

Tawny Owl

All my life I've always wanted to see a real owl, and this weekend at the Carden Nature Festival, I saw four owls!

Archie Bunker the Great Horned Owl


It was so wonderful! Now I want one! (Really. I'm not kidding.)

Mr Peterson the Great Horned Owl


There were two Great Horned Owls, one Tawny Owl and one owl from Australia, a Boobook.

This one, above, Mr Peterson, was very entertaining. He kept dancing for us. I got some great video of him dancing instead of listening to his trainer:


You can see more of the owls (including some babies!) at my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFPAUiauDFGBQS95eqctBow