Sky Tube could be a real thing: my science fiction comes to life as the Hyperloop

I wrote this story a few years ago, about a woman stuck inside a man-made transportation tube. So I was delighted today when I learned Elon Musk wants to make a real-life version-- although his version is a bit different than mine.

Musk's Hyperloop is meant for commuting between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and will use blasts of air, electro-magnets and solar technology, whereas my Sky Tube is based on roller-coaster technology and uses the force of gravity to power the track.

Sky Tube is about a woman who gets trapped in a commuter tube that runs between New York and Chicago, a prototype for a New York to Los Angeles tube. She finds love and herself in the aftermath of the disaster.

I've subtitled it "love and other man-made disasters" and it's available at Smashwords.

Sky Tube cover

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