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The premise of is to provide short fiction and poetry for people on the move. (Well, people who are being moved by train, subway or bus-- not for people who are driving.) sends a new work for you to read on your mobile device every day. But let's say you're going on a long trip and need something more to read-- or, maybe you're at home and looking for something to read. Wherever. Now there's a collection of works available: CommuterLitSelectionsCover-196x300 Read my work at

"Family Values", "Spiders in the Park",

Spider attack: as in fiction, so in life; Update and a new story

* A Vampire's Family Values was mentioned at this site:  Thank you! * As posted in the NY Daily News, spiders attacked air traffic controllers in Kansas, prompting evacuation of the control tower and delaying 5 flights. This must mean it's time to release my short story, "Spiders In The Park", because once again, a story comes to life.

spiders in the parkYou can download the .pdf here from my website: Spiders in the Park

And I will make it available at Smashwords and other sites soon. Newsletter subscribers already got this treat in the August newsletter.

"Spiders In The Park" is another story starring my supernatural crime investigators, Julia Ivory and Michael Thatcher. In this episode, they deal with an infestation of human-spider shape-shifters in a Toronto park.

* There will be a new short story in the September newsletter. And more news coming soon.