On the doorstep of April

IMG_0771The daffodils are struggling but coming up weeks earlier than usual. I've nearly wrapped up the first draft of the next Melantha novel. The plan is to finish it this week and send it off to my development editor next week. I'm hoping to release it while it's still Spring. (That gives me right up until June 22, right? ;) ) If you're interested in being an early reader and posting a review, send me an email (sara dot walker dot author at gmail dot com)

I put my book up for a Goodreads giveaway. The giveaway ends on April 23-- that's Canada Book Day and my birthday (and St. George's day and Shakespeare's birthday), so I'm keeping with my tradition of giving away books on my birthday. You can enter the giveaway here: https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/178751-adrenaline-rush

I released a novella this month for newsletter subscribers, and I'm already working on the next story for newsletter subscribers. Click the "Add Me" button on my homepage to get on the list.

What's next? Remember that time I submitted a novel to the Harper Voyager digital submissions and I made it to the top double digits out of thousands? I'm going to revise it and self-publish it, along with its sequels. I'd like to put them all out close together so it might be a while before they're released, but I'll keep you posted. I'm also working on a few other ideas in the meantime.

The surface may look calm, but there's plenty of activity in the depths below.


Where you can go to read The Book That Owns My Soul

I'd like to start getting feedback on my current work in progress, so I'm posting it on Wattpad. It's a YA epic fantasy, if you like those sort of stories, about a princess that does the rescuing and a boy who wants to avenge his father. This is first draft stuff, though, so expect it to be wonky. Quite likely chapter 1 won't be chapter 1 in the next draft. But this is the book that owns my soul. This is the book that is holding me hostage until I get it all out. And I kind of want to make it right, so your feedback is welcome.

I created a cover for it, and here's the links to the pieces posted so far.

Prologue Chapter 1

avaline coverMaybe I should put my name on the cover?