Brownies, Compiling and What's Next

IMG_0417 Today I made brownies. They turned out okay. Thanks to my auto-immune disease, I had to skip out on the eggs and flour, so I basically melted (soy-free) chocolate with butter, added vanilla, (organic raw) sugar, almond flour, coconut flour, tapioca flour, cashew butter and a mashed banana. The brownie texture is perfect. The taste is a little too nutty and not enough chocolatey. If you're looking for a better brownie recipe than mine, I suggest this one:

I also spent today learning how to use Scrivener's compile feature to make my book ready for Createspace. (In case you're looking to try this yourself, I followed this brilliant tutorial: I did have to tweak many settings not mentioned in the tutorial, but I finally put together a publish-worthy document and uploaded it today. Fingers crossed the Createspace-powers approve. In a wise moment, I saved the settings I used, so hopefully the process won't be as long or painful next time.

The next book I publish will most likely* be the next Melantha Caldwell book, Catching A Demon. It was the one talking the loudest to me in January when I was ready to work on something else. I've got the first draft to the point where it's mostly put together, but with missing scenes, a few things to move around, and a character to add. So, it's coming along. I've got my eye on a cover, but I need to finish the book and write the back cover copy before I proceed with the cover.

*The reason Melantha is "most likely" next is because I do have another book finished but waiting for edits. I've already got the cover, but it's waiting to be finalized once I get through the edits, settle on a title and write the back cover copy. So much to do, so little time.

Oh, and Adrenaline Rush got a new cover. I'd love to hear your opinion of it.

ADRENALINE RUSH eBook Cover FINAL Get the book