Happy 4th of July Friday! a video or two and a giveaway

Happy 4th of July, if you're celebrating! Tuesday was Canada Day and I used the holiday time to make videos. First, I put together this video about the World's Smallest Bookshop. It's a small shed not far from where I live, where you can buy used books.


Then, I tried making a stop-motion animation. When I was a kid my dad and I made one, and I've always wanted to make another, but the technology was a pain to work with back then. Making videos has become so much easier in recent years. I've been itching to try a stop-motion ever since I got my MacBook. So, here's my first one.


New installments of Avaline and Catching A Sorcerer are up on Wattpad.

If you've come this far and watched my videos, you deserve a prize! :) Email me if you want to win an ebook of Catching A Sorcerer, and I'll pick a winner tomorrow. (Ends at midnight EST. Send email to: sarawalker.contest @ gmail . com)