divergent_poster_hqI saw Divergent the weekend it opened in theatres. Tris did not eat chocolate cake. I was so disappointed. I'd like to see it again. We were late getting to the theatre, thinking we were okay for time since theatres always have fifteen minutes of previews. So we were about ten minutes late-- but we'd missed about ten minutes of the movie. (We got there just as Tris chose her faction.) There must not have been any previews. The worst part is, the ticket seller said nothing about the movie having already started. I was very disappointed with this theatre.

The other reason I'd like to see it again is: Theo James. I was distracted for the entire movie, trying to figure out where I'd seen him before. When I finally emerged from the theatre, I hopped onto IMDB, only to discover to my shock and flustered that Four/Tobias was also Mr. Kemal Pamuk from Downton Abbey, season 1. (If you've seen Downton Abbey, then you understand my shock and fluster.)

I also have to admit I was distracted by Shaliene Woodley as Tris. I didn't see her as Tris at all, so I was trying to reconcile this actress to the character in my mind, which wasn't working at all for the first half of the movie, but by the end, Shaliene had won me over. She did a good job as Tris. So I'd like to see it again now that I'm picturing her as the character.

I think the movie makers did a fine job of adapting the novel for screen-- apart from eliminating the starring role of the chocolate cake.