New short story and where I've been lately

It's been a while since I blogged. Er, I've been kind of busy. Here's a sampling of what I've been up to: Jeff Smith signs books.

- Toronto Comic Arts Festival - This week-long event is put on annually by the Toronto Public Library to celebrate graphic novels and the brilliant people who create them. They even do kids' events. We got to meet Jeff Smith, the creator of the Bone series, and Kazu , creator of the Amulet series. Both artists did live drawings on stage, talked about their world as graphic novelists, and stayed until everyone's books were signed. Then they went back to the main event and did more signings. It was an incredible event, and it was all free--well, except for the books and t-shirts we bought.

- Straw Bale Gardening - I finally got my straw bales and started conditioning them with lots of fertilizer and water to take on plants. Now I just have to go get the plants.

- Lots of other gardening and yard work. I dug out all the good stuff from the composter, moved a few plants, dug out a weedy bush, trimmed trees and hedge, and flipped over a couple of patio slabs to move them only to find large quantities of yellow ants. And there's still plenty to do.

- I wrote a creepy fantasy short story about a woman facing her tree/demon. You can view it on my Tumblr thingy.

- I started following the Paleo diet. This could severely impact the "Food of" posts, or it could mean I've unlocked a challenging new level.

- And Rewrites! I've been working hard on rewriting the New Adult novel. Like really hard. Like it's all I've been doing when I'm not working the day job.

- I've also started plotting something new.

- I'm getting a strong desire to pick up my paint brushes again.