Library Haul 2014.02.22 Paleo, The Archived, the book LKH tweeted about and more

20140222-112257.jpg 20140222-115154.jpg

This week's library haul includes items from last week because the Murphy's law of libraries is that all the holds come in at once.

I expected The Archive to have further holds on it, so I dug right in. Frankly, I can see why it doesn't-- the first 30 pages or so is really hard to get through. So much sadness and backstory. I think the book would see greater success if it had started with Mackenzie hunting a History. So if there is one thing I want the world to know, it's give this book a chance. Because I did and I love it. A "Food of" post about The Archived is coming soon.

Everyday Paleo is another of my favourites this week. So many great recipes, including homemade ketchup and other condiments. And many tips for helping kids go Paleo. And Everyday Paleo is on the web and Twitter!

I discovered The Piano Guys on YouTube. So fun. Watch them and see!

The Happiness Project was recently recommended by author Laurell K. Hamilton on Twitter:

  I haven't dug into it yet, but I will be getting to it this week.