Dauntless Cake Tester is Dauntless

A while ago, after I read DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth, I wrote a post about the food in the book, in specific, the chocolate cake and how the author used it as more than just something for the characters to do to keep the scene from being more than talking heads. I included a recipe for a rich chocolate cake. This week I was delighted to see someone has found my recipe, tried it, and even embellished it. Katy over at Living As A Fan Girl, made the Dauntless Chocolate Cake and included a mockingjay decoration on top. Awesome! Now that I've eliminated wheat from my diet, I'll have to invent another chocolate cake.

I'm working away on the second Melantha Caldwell book. There's a major scene happening outside her high school. To see the building I used for inspiration, take a look at this: Lisgar Collegiate. It is a gorgeous building in Ottawa, grey stone and Gothic architecture. I would love to have attended such a school. This is one of those times when I love living vicariously through my characters.

If you've been following me for long, you'll know I've been semi-anxiously waiting to see if HarperCollins wanted the urban fantasy novel I submitted during their open submissions period. I finally heard back. It was a nice, polite, form rejection letter. Since I'd made it into the top 5%, I was hoping for personal feedback, but alas. Not so. The feedback would have been nice, then I could have made the story better. Oh, well. On-words and up-words.