I have an agent!

This time last year I was jobless, but by the end of the month I started working for a tax preparer. Best boss ever. Just at the filing deadline that job ended and I started working at the Library. Best job ever!

In May I self-published the novel, Catching A Sorcerer.

I self-published several short stories.

I went to Ad Astra.

Over the course of the year I went to a few writing workshops.

In September I had a story semi-final for an award.

Throughout the year, I revised a novel I'd been working on and then I started submitting it.

In December I got a request to read the full manuscript from an agent. Just after Christmas, she wanted to book a phone call. The day after New Years, she offer to represent me. I accepted. (It pays to do your homework on agents before you query them.)

I'm delighted to say that I'm represented by Sarah Heller of the Helen Heller Agency!