What's Cooking? Soup mostly.

It's been super cold here, which makes it a perfect time to make soup, especially with all the leftovers from our Boxing Day dinner. The turkey carcass was simmered with kale stems and onion to turn into a broth. Then I used the broth as a base for a turkey & black bean soup flavoured with salsa. It was delicious topped with shredded cheddar and crumbled tortilla chips.

I made a wonderful lentil and bacon soup, based on this recipe by Jamie Oliver, but to which I added the leftover acorn squash.

A few days ago I turned the leftover mashed potatoes into potato & bacon & sauerkraut soup.

The leftover rutabaga wasn't turned into soup. Instead, I tried this Swedish Rutabaga Spice Cake recipe, but I added butter and chopped apples instead of applesauce. My boys didn't even notice the rutabaga. They loved it.

And now all the leftovers are gone but for the cranberry sauce, and for that I'm thinking muffins.