My 13 Favourite Reads of 2013

I didn't read as many books as I'd hoped in 2013. According to Goodreads, 53 of a hoped for 92. And yet upon looking over the list, I'm sure I read more than I reviewed. In fact, I know I did. I read tons of books for research and there are more books I started but didn't like enough to finish. And in looking over the list, I see I read too many books I didn't like. I have to stop doing that. It always kills my need to read, leaving me in a reading slump for days or weeks. I will have to be ruthless about putting aside the books I don't like without guilt. It's not personal to the authors. I can't love every book I read. 1. Sunshine by Robin McKinley - I loved the relationship between Sunshine and Con. I wish I'd read it sooner.

2. The Lost by Vicki Pettersson - Vicki has this amazing ability to write about glitzy things like the old world glam and rockabilly-- and really disgusting things like krokadil addiction-- all wrapped up in a satisfying mystery. Love.

3. Rush by Eve Silver - I'm a gamer. Okay, I'm just a Lego game gamer, but still, I love the concept of kids getting pulled into a video game that allows them to save reality from aliens. That, combined with Eve's trademark heart-wrenching romance and I'm biting my nails for the next book.

4. Alchemystic by Anton Strout - Love Anton's world of gargoyles in New York with humour and a fun group of friends.

5. Stonecast by Anton Strout - See above.

6. Death's Daughter by Amber Benson - One of the better first books I've read. Looking forward to spending more time with Calliope Reaper-Jones.

7. Loki's Wolves by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr - I don't read kids' books often, but I have an avid reader just coming into the middle grade age group. He's not quite ready for chapter books, but when he gets there, I'll be recommending this one. Lots of action. Fun read.

8. Sins of the Angels by Linda Poitevin - Since I'm such a fan of the first couple of seasons of Angel, it makes sense how much I enjoyed Linda's world of cops and angels (no vampires).

9. Omens by Kelley Armstrong - Kelley's new series is lighter on the urban fantasy side, but still full of her wonderful action and mystery. Looking forward to more in this series now that the roots have been laid down.

10. Shadowdance by Kristen Callihan - I love Kristen's world-- a blend of fantasy and steampunk set in Victorian London and all wrapped up with a mystery. But it's romance, too! I don't know how she does it-- how she gets so much into one story and makes it so compelling and enjoyable.

11. Paper Towns by John Green - I absolutely adored Looking for Alaska, which I only read because of The Fault in Our Stars, but I loved it so much I read as many of John Green's book as I could get my hands on. This story of a boy's search for a girl was a wonderful literary/mystery, even if I didn't get the ending I wanted.

12. Looking for Alaska by John Green - I read this after The Fault in Our Stars because I wanted to more of a sense of John Green's writing style-- and I actually liked Looking for Alaska better. It felt more raw than TFIOS. I hope John Green is writing again.

13. White Cat by Holly Black - I definitely waited too long to read this, and yet, I'm glad I did because now I can get the next in the series without having to wait. Love this story of a family of criminals and con artists. Love Holly Black's voice. This is one book I will have to get and use for a textbook.

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