Winners of Catching A Sorcerer

IMG_0220Congratulations to Jacklynn who won the signed trade paperback! And congratulations to Valerie, Lynn, Shelly H, Veronica and Shelley S, who all won ebook copies!

Whew! That was a busy tour!

I'm now hard at work on the sequel: Catching A Demon. I've also been working on the cover design and might have something to show you soon!

I've donated Catching A Sorcerer to my local library. It's already been signed out-- but this means you can request it through Inter-Library Loan services! (It doesn't appear to be available via OverDrive, the ebook & audio book lending service, but I'll keep my eye out.)

I'd hoped to be able to tell you my short story made it to the final round of the John Galbraith Literary Award, but alas, "If Wishes Were Pennies" remains a semi-finalist.

Perhaps there will be more good news soon!