How I Became A Writer-- or rather, didn't


3d9More fantastic reviews for Catching A Sorcerer! Here's some excerpts from the reviews, but head on over to read the whole thing at each of these sites. And while you're there, enter the Giveaway!

I'm glad I went for Catching A Sorcerer. It was an entertaining read which at the end will make you happy.
Rating : 4/5 Stars
Walker has captured the spirit and heart of her readers and I, for one, don't want to be released.  I have added her other books (listed on Goodreads) onto my TBR list and I am looking forward to reading more of her work.
Also, there's a guest post at Rambling Voices In My Head about how I became a writer-- except that I didn't just decide to be a writer one day, and there wasn't a time when I shed my skin to become a writer either. It's a been a very long process that's far from over.
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