Grimm and things that aren't good for my waistline


IMG_0220Today's stops on the Catching A Sorcerer Tour are at My Bookopolis and the website for author Leah D.W. who asked me a bunch of interesting questions, including my advice to writers and the hardest part about writing a book. Check them out and don't forget to enter the giveaway. There's over 300 entries now, but you can get like 42 entries each day-- and there's another 10 days to go! Today I'm watching Grimm, season 1. Not sure if I like it. It needs something: a strong female main character and more personal storylines. It's mainly buddy-cop show meets Angel, but darker, not as fun and not as sexy.

I'd really like to know why I so desperately need unending quantities of coffee and munchies while I'm writing. This can't be good for my waistline.

I'm feeling the itch to go on a baking spree. Last night I brought home a beautiful cookbook from the library: Nordic Bakery Cookbook. Owing to my 1/4 Finnish heritage, I have an obsession for Nordic baked goods, and I'm really looking forward to trying these recipes.

I suspect this also can't be good for my waistline.