Good news! One of 550! And more!

My book is going out on tour! This is so exciting! The wonderful Janine over at Eclipse Reviews has co-ordinated a book tour for me and set up guest posts, interviews and reviews for Catching A Sorcerer. I'm really looking forward to this! banner


So I've been a busy with writing guest posts and having my brains picked open in interviews that I haven't even had time to share my good news! (Other than brief mentions on Facebook or Twitter.)

I entered a short story competition this summer: the John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award ( The prize for this award is $2000 and a medallion, which would be cool, and is presented at a gala, which is a semi-formal or Highland dress occasion, which is also cool. I could wear my authentic Scottish kilt! My story made it through the first round of judging, and I'm now a semi-finalist. Woohoo!

And last week Harper Collins posted an update on their digital submissions. They're down to 550 submissions. I am now one of 550! That's like top 10%!! I'm so excited! I could just start singing Pointer Sisters' songs!