Updates and your Friday Neil Gaiman story prompt

I'm still heartily slogging through the middle of the YA Fantasy-- but at least I know what has to happen through these chapters (and I still love this story!) I remember well the days of knowing the first act and the last act, but not having a foggy idea of what to do with the entire middle act. Would you like me to talk about what I've learned? I don't mind sharing, but I do mind being boring. :) I think I might add a Paypal link for those interested in purchasing Catching A Sorcerer outside a major chain and Smashwords. I've heard rumblings from a few people about waiting to get my books because they don't have a Smashwords account. And with so many distribution channels, I honestly never thought about that. I suppose I could also use eBay. I'll have to look into these options some more. Paypal and eBay will also allow me the ability to offer up signed copies for those looking for them-- once they are available.

If you got my newsletter, you know I'm working on making Catching A Sorcerer available in hardcover. I've had one proof sent to me, but I'm not happy with it. It's too big. I should have measured a bunch of books and thought about the size before I started the Createspace process, but when they said 6 X 9 was the industry standard, I went with it. Turns out it's a little big. So I'm waiting for a new proof in 5.25 x 8, which is closest to what I wanted. *fingers crossed*

After being dumped by my cover designer for pointing out a spelling mistake, I've decided to try making my own covers. I did the covers for The Thatcher Files and Sky Tube, and they turned out okay. (Actually, I think I might adjust Sky Tube.) But I'm nervous about the novel cover. On the other hand I have Photoshop Elements, I might as well use it. Google and YouTube will teach me all I know. Plus, there are some surprisingly good automated websites for very little money. Do you want to see the process? I could show the rough mock-up I've been working on for my fall release (which is unrelated to Catching A Sorcerer in every way, except that it was written by me.) It would feel kind of like getting caught in my underwear, though, so if you're not into that, I'd understand. :)

And without further ado, here's your Friday Neil Gaiman story prompt:

I was so close I could see the ripples of the creature's skin.

- Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things

These are not the opening sentences to any of Neil Gaiman's stories. These are randomly chosen by me from Neil Gaiman stories because they'd make excellent first lines-- or at least I feel they prompt story ideas. What you do with it is up to you. But remember, if one of these prompts does spark a story, I'd love to hear about it!