Busy around the house and whatnot

Owing to the long weekend (Simcoe Day), I did not finish my short story inspired by Friday's Neil Gaiman prompt. I hope to finish it before this Friday, though, because I'll be posting another prompt. It's off to a good start; I just have to figure out how it ends. I tend to fill my long weekends with projects around the house. That wasn't entirely the case this weekend. We did go and order a bunch of supplies for some projects, but most of my time was spent reading over and fixing up the 50k I have on my WIP, getting reacquainted with it after spending a week revising a different novel. I still love it. I'm looking forward to the next 50k like you wouldn't believe.

So depending on when the supplies arrive, I'll be busy with this over the next few weeks:

  • - installing new kitchen counter top
  • - installing new closet doors
  • - putting in a patio
  • - scraping off and replacing the paint and caulking on the windows

I did get a new garden built this weekend. And it looks like someone has already moved in:

IMG_0116 1

This little fairy house should look nice with a few marigolds. Hope the fairy doesn't mind.