Painting for the first time in 12 years

It's summer break, and every day I encourage my boys to put aside the electronics and make art. Okay, so "encouraged" is an understatement. I make them have time off all electronic devices. They think I'm being mean. I think it's good for them. Today I dug out my oil paints and joined them. It's been twelve years since I put brush to canvas. I've only made about four oil paintings in my entire life, and was just getting the hang of it, when I put it all away. My middle son was a year and a half then, refusing to nap, and refusing to keep his paws out of my paints. So for his health and my sanity I put everything away. I was a bit nervous about bringing it all out again.

With some "encouragement" my youngest started work on a painting of some Minecraft monster or other.


And I worked on the background of my painting. Not a bad start.