Camp NaNoWriMo is the camp for me

2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-BadgeSo I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo for July because I need a kick in the pants to get this draft done. I love this novel, but I have other projects I'd like to get to. I'm currently wading my way through the first half of the second act and hoping NaNo will get me through to the end of the second act. Have you signed up yet? Here's the link to my Camp NaNoWriMo page:

Here's how the second act opens:

After a fitful night of no rest, Avaline finally gave up trying to sleep when the birds began their predawn song. The floor of the cottage was nothing like the softness of her bed at the castle, and although the quilt she shared with Polly might have been adequate, the fact was her handmaid was a cover-hog and a snorer besides. But the blame for her lack of rest lay not with Polly, but with her own thoughts. She couldn't help but worry the shades would find them here, despite the assurances of the cottage occupants.

The others seemed content with their safety— or else they were exhausted to the point of unconsciousness. Gavin slept soundly, making no noise, barely moving through the night. Genny and the old man— Cedric was his name, she'd learned— also slept peacefully. Only Liam seemed to have trouble sleeping; he'd tossed and turned almost as much as Avaline had, and in the darkness before dawn, he climbed out of his pallet on the floor and crept outside.

At the sound of the door, Genny was out of bed and moving to the kitchen, stepping carefully over the guests littering the floor. She braided her hair back as she moved around, removing loaves of bread that had baked over the coals through the night, and then stirring up the fire to put on a pot of water to boil.

Liam came in, and across the dim room Avaline saw he carried a basket on each arm— one filled with eggs and the other with what appeared to be mushrooms and berries and leaves. He was in the cottage just long enough to deposit the baskets on the table and then he was gone again.

The commotion woke Polly, who immediately went into a panic for having slept in, mumbling grievances to herself. She hastily tied her hair back and went to aid Genny in the kitchen.

While the pair worked on breakfast, Avaline rolled over, pretending she was asleep. She wasn't quite ready to face the world yet. She knew she was safe enough for now, but she was no fool. This refuge was only temporary.