My book has four 5-star reviews at Barnes & Noble!

1014372_10151771332978064_787278060_nFor progress on the WIP, I'm a third to halfway through the story. Things are getting juicy now. Relationships are evolving, my supporting characters are surprising me with their storylines, and while everything might be peachy keen for them now, they soon won't be. :) I happened upon my book over at Barnes & Noble and was delighted to find four 5-star reviews there. Cool! And they're all by people I don't know, never met. (And I didn't pay for them, either.:)) I love that people like Catching A Sorcerer. It makes me feel so giddy that I forget what I was going to blog about. :)

I've been thinking about releasing Catching A Sorcerer in paper form, via Createspace, but before I do that, I'd like to have some quotes from reviews to put in it. My first round of requests for review all came back "Thank you, but no thank you."  So I guess it's time to send out another round. Oh, and I lowered the price. ;)

Today is the last day of school. Last night my middle son graduated from Grade Eight. Tomorrow night my eldest graduates high school. I just want to hug them and squeeze them and keep them forever. *sigh*

This weekend is Canada Day long weekend. We have no special plans, although I do plan to spend the weekend making plans for the rest of the summer.

Happy Canada Day!