Critiquing in a Whole New Way

Archie Bunker the Great Horned OwlSo I seem to have written a children's book. Lol! I had an idea and the story formed, and now I've got this story to revise and send out to agents/publishers. It's interesting to see how much the publishing industry has changed in a few years. I tried to write children's books a few years ago. Back then agents didn't really take on clients for a picture book, writers submitted directly to publishers. But in my web-searching this morning, I see many publishers no longer take unsolicited manuscripts for picture books. *scratches head* This is new. Even formatting for submission has changed. A few years ago a writer wasn't supposed to indicate the page breaks in the text. We were supposed to leave that for the publisher and/or illustrator to decide. Now, it seems we can. (Which is a good thing because I "heard" this story being told aloud as I wrote it, and it came with pauses for page turning, and I think they all work well.)

So, since this is really the first picture book I've written, I need to get some opinions on it. This means finding critique groups with people who read and/or write picture books, which means I'll have to learn how to critique picture books. But I'm always looking to learn a new writing skill, aren't you?