I really am happy with this cover. It's going to stand out without being weird. It depicts the genre and the mood. And I'm not even sure how my cover designer managed it, but she perfectly captured important events from the book. She asked for a description of the story, a description of the main characters and an important object. The only object I could think of was the orb Mel's grandmother gets put inside and that later in the story is stolen by the sorcerer. (I didn't even tell her who put Gran in the orb, how, or what it looked like.) And here's what my designer came up with:

There are two things about this cover that my designer DID NOT know about, but are represented here:

From Mel's first encounter with the sorcerer:

His fingernails pierced my skin, causing blood to swell to the surface and pain to rush through my entire body, flaring with the intensity of magnesium on fire. I screamed. White hot sparks ran through my veins, streaming to Gerrard's fingers as if they were answering his call. In a matter of only seconds, my vision blurred with coloured dots, and my body went weak.

And at the climax of the novel [spoiler alert! :)]:

I called forth the spell for the orb. At least, I hoped I called it forth. I imagined creating a glass orb around Gerrard; I pictured it so vividly, my fingers hurt for the wanting of it. 

That's when Gerrard stumbled. As he fell back, his arms flailed wildly as if he could catch himself before he fell into the mists of wandering magic. 

I didn't think about it. I just grabbed him. I don't know what made me do it, but I couldn't let him fall into the mists. 

As for the order of events that happened next, I couldn't say exactly. I remembered only a few details. The spell turned out of my fingers. I fought hard to get that spell to build a glass orb around him. 

So what do you think? Do you like it?
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