Sticking a Fork in the S'mores Project

Okay, so this is an oatmeal carrot muffin, not a s'more, but we're all out of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, so you'll have to pretend it's a s'more. (Pretend really, really hard because this thing tastes nothing like a s'more. It doesn't taste much like carrot cake, either. Come to think of it, it tastes as good as it sounds: like oatmeal with carrots. Some flavours should not be combined. This is one of them. Trust me.)

Anyway, yay! I finished S'mores the Secret Project! It came in at around 63,000 words. I was aiming for 70k on this, so I'm still a little short, but that's okay. I may add scenes. I probably need more descriptions. I'm anxious to see what my beta readers think.

As for NaNoWriMo, I'm late starting. I might still jump in, though, but I have little hope for making the 50k mark by the end of the month. Doesn't hurt to try, I suppose. Once I have an outline. Yeah. I'd better get to it.