Cake and Progress. Fall is in the air.

On the walk this morning, the chilled air nipped at my nose and I returned with feet that needed to be warmed by slippers. But I didn't mind. It was beautiful out there. I found the combined scent of wood smoke, the lake and the fresh air after a rainstorm uplifting.

Today I have pumpkin spice K-Cups. The quest for a homemade pumpkin spice coffee is on hold until I get this manuscript banged into shape for the HarperCollins call for submissions.

Word count has been a little frustrating. Every time I start to see progress, I end up doing a slash-and-burn in the next chapter. [Note to self: do not try to do weird things with plot. You can't mess with readers' expectations. Creativity in this area will only result in a sloppy mess.]

This weekend I will be baking a Skor Cake for a certain teenager of mine who turns 17 on Bilbo & Frodo Baggins' birthday.

You might see more recipes here. There's something about being waist-deep into the writing that makes me want to bake and cook and share. The recipes I've been hunting lately either have to be super-quick or the kind I can toss into the crock pot in the morning when I'm making the breakfasts and lunches. You know, the kind of recipes that are great for writers and busy people everywhere.

And how are you enjoying September?