Ahhh. Fall. You have returned!

It's hard to believe just two weeks ago we were boiling hot and having to seek refuge with evening swims in the lake. Temps have really cooled off; nights this week have been in the single digits.

The return to school got off to a rocky start last week with my youngest tangled up in anxiety, and then the poor thing came home with the stomach flu. I'm hoping this week goes much better.
August really took a bite out of my WIP progress. Between it being too hot to move and the kids being bored and me being on a second draft, my word count slowed to a crawl. I think I'm finally seeing movement again.
This weekend I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. With the nearest Starbucks an hour away, I think I might have to develop my own recipe. Any suggestions? Does the pumpkin spice latte have any pumpkin in it? Or is it just the spice?