Winner, Canadian News, and Blogging

I posted the winner of BREED on the post for the giveaway, but in case you didn't see it, the winner is Tori. I've sent Tori an email, but if I don't hear back, the book will go to someone else.

The Lucy Maud Montgomery museum is for sale. I hope someone will buy it and keep it going. It's so sad to see something that is prized around the world going out of business.

My favourite author Kelley Armstrong's novel BITTEN is being developed for television. This is great news. Canadian television has come a long way in recent years, so hopefully they'll be able to do Elena's story justice.

Now if only I had cable TV.

Agent Rachel Gardner has 13 Simple Tips for a Better Blog. I don't know about #7. I don't think you have to be controversial to have a good blog. To much controversy, like too much snarkiness or too much ranting, and people will steer clear. I do think you have to be passionate, meaning you should blog about the things you love, blog about your interests, and not be shy about it. These will define you for who you are and readers will resonate with it.

What are your tips for blogging? What attracts you to a blog? Or turns you away?