Two-Part Horrors

I have a couple of horrors to tell you about.

1. A few weeks ago, my pink phlox was looking pretty lucious and was happily enjoyed by hummingbirds, butterflies and dragonflies:

This weekend I took the shears to them and hacked most of them away...

... because they developed a powdery mildew. Horrible, isn't it? I'm not sure how that happened with the weather having been so dry this summer. As you can see, the flowers on the neighbouring hydrangea browned with thirst. We do live near a lake, so their is some humidity in the air, and I suppose that could be enough to cause the mildew. I may have to move the phlox to another garden next year so they get enough air flow.

2. In the mail today, I received a horror novel. Not sure how this happened, either. I don't review horror because I don't read it. Not really. Occasionally I have been known to open a Stephen King novel, but mostly I prefer my horror kept to the confines of urban fantasy.

So you know what this means? A GIVEAWAY! Stay tuned for details.