Drafting the S'mores Project

This week I finished the first draft of the S'mores project. Yay! In six weeks I put together 38,000 words-- about half of what I want for a final draft. Which is perfect. My first drafts are bare bones, working from the outline. I lay down the main story and character development mainly via dialogue. There's very little description-- what I do get out is crappy and repetitive.

Now it's time for the second draft, in which I go back and add All The Stuff. This will include scenes and changes that occurred to me as I neared the end of the first draft. It also includes red herrings I didn't bother to chase because I was just sticking to the main story. Description and choreography I skipped over. By the time I finish-- hmm. When I wrote the YA I overshot my word count and had to strip back to get to the story. I think this one will be different. I learned a lot about my writing process from the last novel. I think by the time I finish the second draft this time I will reach my intended word count of 75,000. And I hope it will take fewer than six weeks to do it. Then it will sit, and I will take a break from it before I go back to it for some real editing.

As for its genre, it's a mystery/thriller. I'm quite surprised about this myself. It's not a fantasy. Every story I've ever written has had magic or fantasy or something otherworldly in it. Although, in a way, the S'mores project is fantasy-- it's a reality-based fantasy as opposed to one based on myth or folklore. James Bond is a reality-based fantasy. Robert Ludlum's Bourne books are reality-based fantasy. Something we wish could happen. That's the stuff the S'mores project is made of. The gooey, chocoloatey, marshmellowy stuff.

Yeah. Now I want a s'more.