3 Tips for Writers: agent searching; nora's insights; myers-briggs in fiction

1) If you've started looking for an agent, you're probably aware agents like writers to research before querying. But what does that research entail? Agent Bree Ogden explains.

2) The recent loss of Nora Ephron has prompted a lot of her words of wisdom to appear around the internet. Here is a taste:

On structure, part 1Structure is the key to narrative. These are the crucial questions any storyteller must answer: Where does it begin? Where does the beginning start to end and the middle begin? Where does the middle start to end and the end begin?

  Go read the rest.

3) Author Kim Harrison has said she does Myers-Briggs typing on all her characters. I love this idea, especially because I used to work at a place that offered Myers-Briggs typing as a service. Here's an article explaining Myers-Briggs and gives examples of MBT in literature. (I'm an INFJ, sometimes an INFP. What are you?)