3 Tips for Writers: revising, formatting and querying

1. 20 Thoughts about revising your book. I like this one:

9. List all the decisions your protagonist makes. The same for everyone else. Who makes the most decisions? That might be your true protagonist. Or try to have the protagonist make more. Also, make sure each character is making decisions that get in the other characters’, esp. the protagonist’s, way.
Related: Who is moving the action forward in each scene? Is it the protagonist? If it’s not, can it be?

2. Proper manuscript format. Read this and apply it to your manuscript or short story before submitting it anywhere.

3. If you're not following Adrien-Luc Sanders on Twitter (@smoulderingsea), you should be. (Or at least his blog, Kowloon by Night.) Sanders is a senior editor at Entangled Publishing.  Virtually every night around 6 P.M. he dispenses wisdom noted by the hashtag #editortips. Check out this edition, all about query letters