My story is published and my article, too!

This is a bit of a banner week for me. First, my article about the cyber-bullying of Felicia Day sparked much discussion at

Glorified Booth Babes: girls in gaming

And today, published my story, "Spiders in the Park". It's about trust and shape-shifting spiders. The idea for this story came to me from a dream. I still can't believe I wrote it. I hate spiders.

It's also another adventure for my investigative pair, Julia Ivory and Michael Thatcher, whom you met in the other short story, "Family Values". You don't know this, but Julia Ivory is the main character in the novel-length urban fantasy that I'm slowly writing.

So if you have a moment, you can read my stories for free at and leave me comments. (Please leave me comments. I feel so alone over there.)

Have a great day!