Lindsay LipDub: An Extraordinary Achievement

On May 31, 2012 Stratta Creative, a new marketing business, brought the community together to record the world's largest LipDub.

I had no idea what a LipDub was until this project got under way almost a year ago. A LipDub is lip-synching music video recorded in one continuous shot. One of the best examples of this is Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal. If you haven't seen it, you must. Go ahead. I'll wait. It makes me cry, but then, I love big romantic gestures.

Back to Lindsay. After months of planning and coordinating, the community assembled on Lindsay's famous Kent Street (itself a world record holder for being a really wide street that allows angle parking on both sides). 9300 people took part in the LipDub.

The fun starts at my old high school next to my old middle school. The camera pauses for a moment to record the huge flash mob dance. From there the camera quickly descends the rest of the street, pausing for a few performances, until finally finishing inside the Academy Theatre.

Ridout Photography

You will notice not everyone is lip-synching. This is probably due to the crowd not being able to hear the songs over their own noise level and the speed at which the camera must run in order to make it to the finish on time. Plus, they're kids. They're just having fun.

I don't care about the lip-synching. The best part of the video isn't the singing or the dancing. It's seeing the community come together. All these people volunteered their time and resources for their community-- the fire fighters, police officers, community resource groups, schools, businesses, radio stations. And in watching the Lindsay LipDub you will see the kind of support you will feel as a member of this community. Former members of this community will find themselves feeling nostalgic for all the people and places they remember. The ending, when the camera goes inside the Academy Theatre, brings tears to my eyes every single time.

Once the filming was over, Stratta Creative put on a benefit concert, Concert for Change, featuring Hedley and other bands, with proceeds going to Craig Kielburger's foundation, Me to We for building a leadership academy in the community. So it wasn't just all about fun or making headlines. The Lindsay LipDub will have longer-lasting benefits for the community and beyond.

Promotional support came from Rick Mercer and George Stroumboulopoulos and Craig Kielburger and Tyler Kyte. You can see their messages and many others at the Lindsay LipDub YouTube channel.

I love that former Lindsay residents Tyler Kyte and Nick Rose took time out of their schedules to participate. Tyler Kyte used to be a host for the TV show Popular Mechanics for Kids, a show my kids grew up watching. Kyte and Rose performed at the Concert for Change as their cover band, Dwayne Gretzky, but the pair is also part of the band Sweet Thing, whose song was featured in the LipDub.

Tyler and Nick are examples of exactly what Stratta wanted to achieve: youth giving back to their community.

The achievement is extraordinary.