3 Tips for Writers - SmartEdit, #askagent, Resume

Here are a few things I've learned this week that might be helpful for writers:

1. SmartEdit - I heard about this free program from GalleyCat. You feed your document into the program SmartEdit hunts down your overused words, phrases and cliches. You can also set it to ignore certain words, like "said" and "the". I like it because it checks phrases, something my writing programs don't do.

2. #askagent - I used #askagent on Twitter this week and got a reply from an agent. This is a great way to ask an agent a quick question without feeling like you're stalking or intruding or over-stepping your humble writer bounds. Before you ask your question, please scroll through the hashtag and check out the questions already posted. And if you do use this hashtag, please remember to be respectful.

3. Keep Your Resume Current. If you are writing articles, book reviews, short stories and submitting them, you're probably keeping track of your submissions in a spreadsheet. Don't forget to keep track of your acceptances in a resume. You will need this one day. I forgot all about a short story that was used in an anthology until this week. It's a publishing credit I could have been using in my queries. Don't be like me.