YA Projects and yummy treats

So on Friday agent Kristen Nelson posted this on her blog:

 If you are working on an urban fantasy, you might be out of luck. Every SF&F editor I chatted with while in New York was being inundated by urban fantasy submissions and with some rare exceptions, were not buying them. 

*sigh* That would be me, then. Out of luck. 46,000 words into the urban fantasy and there's nowhere for it to go when I finally finish it. I'm not shelving it, though. But I am sticking it on the back burner while I work on something else and continue to watch the sales. Who knows? There could be an upswing again, right?

I have noticed lately that I have run out of patience or interest or something when reading urban fantasy and paranormals. It's the weirdest feeling: I both love and am bored by the books I'm reading lately.

So I started this new YA I've been kicking around for a while. I won't say what it's about. I'm not even going to mention the genre. So as not to confuse it with the YA I'm shopping around, I'm code naming the new one: S'mores. I've been hearing a lot about s'mores lately. Mostly about how much everyone wants another one. :)

 Now that I have your mouth watering, my day would not be complete without sharing with you this link for S'mores Cookie Bars.