Some new additions

Before I get to what I've been up to lately, I have to share this link. Ashlyn Macnamara has shared three of her query letters: 1 that got a form rejection, 1 that got a request for a partial, and 1 that got her an agent. Even though they are not queries for the same project, this is an excellent tool. You can really see the development of the query and why the last one worked. She is also encouraging others to post their own query fail-to-success stories, so check back. There may be more.

So, we got to keep the dog. We finally found the owner and she asked us if we wanted to keep her. The owner has MS (and two other big dogs) and is unable to look after her. Her name is Sydney, and we still have no idea what breed she is. She is incredibly active. I've had to walk her 2 to 3 times for 1/2 hour each time just to keep up with her activity level. She's incredibly gentle and loyal. She has a great temperament and hardly barks. But she does have a few issues we are working on. I had to get a special collar/head harness to keep her from pulling me down the street when we walk. She used to sleep on the previous owner's bed, and I won't let her sleep with me. She tries to run away when we're going in/out of the house. So we got a crate for her, and are working on getting her used to that.

Here's some of what's been keeping me busy:

Left to right: Hermione and Bellatrix

A couple months ago, before I found out I would be laid off, a friend had a pregnant cat show up at her house, and I agreed to take a kitten. Our cat is 15 years old and not catching mice anymore. When you live in the country, you need a way to deal with mice. I'd much rather leave that job for a cat than for traps I have to check and dispose of. So when I went to pick up the kitten, I learned my friend didn't have anyone to take the others, so I agreed to take this pair of sisters. They would have been lonely if I'd separated them. They were and still are very close.

They've spent most of their time these past few weeks in the basement, getting used to their new home, and avoiding the dog. They'd never seen a dog before and once was more than enough for them. Now, the dog, she has no problem with the kittens. Her previous owner had a cat, so Sydney is ready to play with the kittens, but they've wanted nothing to do with her.

Yesterday, that changed.

Bellatrix was the first to leave the basement and venture up the stairs, but she hates the dog. Hermione is more hesitant to come up the stairs, but she's making friends with Sydney. So we'll see how this goes over next few weeks.

They are very cute and entertaining little fluff balls.

In addition to all this I've been writing, reading, purging and house cleaning.

What have you been up to?