A Little Visitor

Yesterday, when I returned from dropping my kids off at school, there was a lovely white dog on my lawn. We've seen this dog running around the yard before. No idea who it belongs to. When I got out of the car, it stood up, then sat down, laid down, and rolled its belly up. How cute is that? So I petted it for a bit, then I went for a walk to get the mail. The dog followed me all the way to mailbox and all the way back. She-- I'm guessing-- even ran ahead of me and stopped in my driveway to wait for me. Then she followed me right into the house.

I let her run around for a bit, get a drink, eat the cat's food, and then I put her outside, hoping she would return to her home. Instead, she curled up in the yard or went to the door waiting to come inside.

It would seem she's adopted us. She stayed all night. She was even here when I returned from a trip into town. I've put up a poster on the community board, but to be honest, I'm hoping no one claims her. She very docile, great with the kids, doesn't bark. She must belong to someone, though, because she has a collar. I guess I'll be contacting the shelter next.