A Variety of Reasons

I have been quiet here for a variety of reasons:
- I've been blogging at Urban Fantasy Land again
- I've been taking the month-long "So You Want to Write Urban Fantasy?" workshop with author Jeanne Stein
- I've been working away at my adult urban fantasy (up to 27,000 words now, thank you very much, considering I started with 0 words April 1-- actually, this is thank you very much to author Karen Mahoney for hosting KazNoWriMo, which was the perfect excuse to kick start this project.)
- I've been reading and reviewing at Urban Fantasy Land again
- I'm querying my YA paranormal
- I've started work on a new book.

I know I'm not supposed to start a new book until the one I'm working on is finished, but I can't help it. Every time I think about it, I get excited. It's the same excitement I felt whenever I've worked on my YA paranormal. At every stage I've been excited and proud to work on it. It's like that with this new book. This is a feeling I know better than to ignore, so I've broken a major rule of engagement* and loaded up my plate.

Speaking of plates, I should have another books+food post along soon.

*Points for Top Gun reference.