Rewriting a character

I'm rewriting a character in my paranormal YA-- taking out his POV and revamping his storyline.

Here's how I'm doing it:

  • reading all the updates in my Google Reader
  • watching all of the Silly Sparrowness's videos
  • having a Sweet Chili Heat contest with my 7 year old (I caved after 12. He made it to 20 chips before needing a drink.)
  • Cleaned off the top of my desk
  • searched my computer for the start of a short story I seem to have lost
  • written two blog posts
  • waxed nostalgic over Rock Band (the Wii broke and I haven't played in months.)
*sigh* These are good changes. I just don't want to make them. I want this story to be done. 
Okay, okay. I know. I have to get back to it.
On words and up words...