This is me. Every. Day.

I wish I could show this to you, but for every video I found on YouTube, embedding was disabled.

Go watch it. I'll wait...

There are lot of parallels there between me and Drew:

  • rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn
  • fighting through traffic
  • okay, so there's no car pool unless I'm taking the kids to a sitter
  • coffee
  • donuts
  • stacks of files delivered to me
  • handing out pay cheques
  • living for five o'clock
So much more. Too bad there's no singing and dancing at my office. That would be fun, wouldn't it? 
What happened to good TV openings like this? Where's the fun and energy? 
When I have time to watch TV it's How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. I think they're both due for a musical episode. Whadda think?  I loved Raj's Bollywood day dream. And Neil Patrick Harris can sing for me anytime. Yes, I need more choreographed lip-synching during Prime Time. 
It's five o'clock. That means it's writing time...