The Perfect Song and a Half

The other day I was thinking that what I really needed was a song to help capture the mood of my Work In Progress. I don't normally bother with music while I'm writing because I've found the lyrics and emotion of songs can really interferes with the words and emotion in my head. But all along through this story I've wanted a couple pieces of music. One to capture the male Main Character, one to capture the female MC and one to capture the whole story. I'm not searching for something to play while writing. As I said, I don't work that way. I think I've been searching for easy ways to stay in touch with my WIP while I'm at the day job and not writing.

So the other day I thought, "Gee, I really need a song that represents the whole story for me." I listened to the radio all day, keeping an ear out for the right song, but nothing fit. I went to bed thinking about the emotions this song would have to have and what it needed to express. The next morning, when the alarm went off, the perfect song was playing. I can't share it with you yet. It's too raw. I feel like I would be showing you something in its underwear. And that's not right.

But I can't leave you with nothing, that's not right either. Here's a song that's only half-right for my WIP: