Finally I'm able to say someone wanted my story! It's called Family Values and you can read it at It's one of my favourite stories, a noir urban fantasy about a paranormal investigator wrapping up a difficult case.

I've fallen behind in Camp Nanowrimo. See above for reason why. I spent a week revising the story and lost progress on the WIP. It's okay. I never figured I would make it through Camp anyway. Nanowrimo activities always kick my butt. I stop to think about things. This is either a flaw or a good thing. I'm still aiming to have this draft done by September 15 or earlier.

I'm also behind in critiquing and other things. Again, see above. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

Also, we've been dealing with a stomach virus here for the last two weeks. Not fun. I might catch up to all my obligations. Eventually.