Camp Nanowrimo Update

Camp Nanowrimo is cruising along at a steady pace. It's not fast enough to allow me the luxury of a day off, but I'm happy with my progress so far. I'm having to stop and think about character development and do some research, but for the most part, I'm not dwelling on things too much, just letting the story come out. My chapters are short. I'm leaving out a lot of description. But this is on purpose. I'm laying down the bare bones right now-- dialogue and just enough description to let me know what I'm talking about. In the next draft, I'll flesh the scenes out and make the prose pretty. And that's something else I'm letting go at this stage-- I'm not at all worried about repeating the same word four times on a page. I'm not worrying about using "walk" or "look". I can fix all that in the next draft. This draft is all about capturing the emotions of the story, finding the internal and external conflicts. There'll be plenty of time to make it look good later.

I can fix a bad page. I can’t fix a blank page. - Nora Roberts

Have you heard this phrase, “Writing is rewriting?” Well it’s a hundred percent true. You don’t just write something once and then you’re done. You write it and it sucks. Then you write it and write it like five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, forty, forty-five, whatever times, and *then* you’re done and it goes from ‘suck’ to ‘sort-of-kind-of-suck’ and then it kind of goes all the way to ‘awesome,’ and that’s the journey. It goes from ‘suck’ to ‘awesome.’- Maureen Johnson

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